PowerPoint Files Too Large and Slow to Edit

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We all love using professional high resolution images for our PowerPoint decks – even when this is not required. It is not uncommon for a visual PowerPoint deck to be put together by business users to become 50 MB and slow to edit online.

Whenever we have a large file that is difficult to work with, we can modify the resolution of one or all images in a pptx file.


  1. Click on the picture which should be compressed
  2. Click on the Format tab in the Office ribbon (if not selected)
  3. Click on Compress Image and select options
    • if all images should be compressed, uncheck “Apply only to this picture”
    • if the presentation images won’t be moved around, check “Delete cropped areas of pictures”
    • Set the resolution as appropriate – my recommendation is to use either Print or Web
  4. Click OK

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Significant! My example of a single slide went from approximately 3 MB to 314 KB, specifically the new file is 11% of the original in web format.

Compressing images to a reasonable setting based on the intended use of the deck will allow for a better experience when building, sharing, and presenting the deck.

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